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Frequently asked questions

Can plants survive without direct sunlight, will I have to move them occasionally into the sun?

Our plants have been categorized into Bright light, Semi shade and Full Sun plants. The bright light plants are happy with filtered bright light and do well in these conditions. There is no need to move these plants. Plants too like stability.

Can plants survive in such small planters, will they grow too big, and how often do I change soil?

The Pots chosen for each plant ensures that there is enough soil to support healthy growth. Bigger pots can definitely ensure faster growth but that is not the idea. We focus on healthy growth. Plants may require soluble nutrition available easily in the market and with us, this helps soil to remain rich and avoid change of soil. Routine trimming is advisable to shape your plants.

Can I have plants in the living areas, can they be harmful in any way?

The benefits of plants and how they positively impact behavior and performance has been well documented on the net, prominent amongst is the study by NASA. A Google search on benefits of plants can offer a lot of material on this subject.

I don’t think I have a green thumb, will I be able to bring up the plant?

Understanding the plants requirement is pretty scientific, yet simple. We try to give simple and logical directions to bring up your plant. Gardening skills like everything else improves with time devoted to it.

Can you send me these plants outside Mumbai, I am willing to pay for the transportation?

Thanks for appreciating our product, no matter how much we want our plants to reach everyone who likes them. We are restricted in our endeavor because of the risk of damage in transportation. We continue to find a way and overcome this challenge.

Are Plants safe for children and pets, if they are accidentally or unknowingly consumed?

Some of the plants that we sell can be harmful if eaten. Care should be taken that these plants are not eaten by children and pets.

Can you tailor make pots to my taste for an upcoming event?

We will be happy to tailor make planters to your taste. You may have to visit our store to choose the planters and plants. Contact us and we can also send images of planters and plants you may like.

My plant doesn’t look healthy, seems to be wilting. What should I do?

Our plants are supplied with complete care instructions, despite following these if you continue to face problems have a look at the Plant Care section which gives pictures, names and detailed care instructions of all plants that we sell. Please free to call us if this doesn’t help.

My plants have died as I was travelling, can I have my planters re-potted?

Please bring planters to our store, we will be happy to re-pot your planters. We keep planters with us for at least 4 days to ensure that transplant was successful.

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