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Landscaping, in the literal sense of the word is quite different from what we practice most of the time. Fortunately we do get real landscaping projects every once in a while, these are usually outside of Mumbai with an odd one inside. The city of Mumbai is so devoid of open spaces that the emphasis to bring in greens is invariably a lot more to areas which are part or fully indoor. The open areas too require landscaping but not so much with bigger trees and areas where the ground needs to be reshaped, instead the focus is always to achieve the tropical look with flowers and foliage that can stand out in the limited open spaces.

While a select section of the society has begun to appreciate the huge change that plants can bring about in the aesthetics of a place, it surely has not been accepted well enough. Notions that plants are a breeding ground for infections and mosquito’s is still very high on peoples mind and greens are therefore often avoided. Equally unappreciated or unaware are most people about the qualities of plants as “Air Purifies”, a fact brought out by NASA in the 1980’s. It would be safe to assume that the increased focus on indoor landscaping seen in most advanced nations is perhaps driven by this fact. A little google research on this subject, could see you heading to a plant store for sure.

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Passion Green firmly believes in both, the ability of plants to purify air and as a great resource to enhance aesthetics. The value add comes at a fractional cost to what it takes to put electronic air purifiers or curios and other decorative materials that one would need to bring out the aesthetics . We have used all mediums like, wood, glass, ceramics, natural fibers and earthen pottery in our work to bring out the most from plants. Our work ranges from landscaping and up-gradation of housing societies in central Mumbai, landscaping of office spaces, balconies, terraces, farm houses and restaurants. We have created green/ vertical  walls for our clients. We have worked for a few celebrities and well know names.

Passion Green offers its services for indoor and outdoor landscaping in Mumbai and around, please contact us and we will help transform your place into a greener abode. For most projects that we execute we continue to provide our services to take care by weekly/ fortnightly or monthly visits as the project may require.


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