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Sansevieria in Yellow Beatle Pot


The Mother-in- Law’s tongue ( with a yellow band along the leaf edge) or the closely related snake plants , belong to the Sansevieria family. These architectural plants have stiff leaves that stand up and can extend upto 2-3 feet. The MIL’s tongue is one of the most forgiving plant that can adapt to all light conditions and is rated amongst the best air purifiers.

The medium sized MIL’s tongue plant in a yellow Beatle  pot makes a very strong statement and is a perfect architectural piece that can be perfect for a study , bedroom or a bar. The plants thrive with neglect ,perfect for people who don’t have the time to take care but yet love plants. A great gift for social visits and ” get well” . Perfect for home decor for those who like the look.

The planter stands nearly 16- 22 inch tall and 6-9 inch wide. The shape of plants can vary from that seen in the picture.

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Light Conditions

Bright Natural Light, Direct Morning or evening sun, Filtered / Indirect Sun, Moderate Low Natural Light

Watering Cycle

Water thoroughly after planter soil completely dries up

Humidity Conditions

Dry air- avoid misting

Other care

Quaterly diluted liquid nutrition, Remove dead leaves on a regular basis

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