We Deliver in Mumbai Only 

Terms & Conditions


1. I have read PG delivery Mechanism and accept the system that they follow. I am happy to pay for delivery charges as applicable.
2. In case of non availability of the recipients, I am ready to accept terms of PG suggesting delivery to the security office/ neighbor with a written note to the recipient informing that parcel has been delivered to security office/ neighbors.
3. I also agree to the return of gift to PG in case of non acceptance by Security or neighbors. PG takes no responsibility to redeliver the plant. PG will redeliver only after payment charges for delivery are made again.
4. I am happy with the guarantee and Refund policy that Passion Green  offers on their products and am okay to go ahead with the purchase.
5. I completely understand that plants are living matter and non or wrong care can damage the plant. I will not hold the firm responsible after the guarantee period has expired.

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